Dear Brother & Sister Samojluk,

Just a note to again express that your continued ministry is very appreciated.

God bless your faithfulness to His honor and glory,

–Audrey & Jim in Montana


“Nic, I have admired your ministry calling the Adventists to integrity for several years. In fact, I contacted you and used your material in an article about Adventists and abortion in 2014 in our magazine Proclamation! You can access the article here:

[Colleen Tinker]


A prophetic voice in Adventism

“Dear Nic!

I praise God for the prophetic voice you have been in Adventism all these years in the face of ridicule and exclusion. Thank you, Nic. I know it’s been a seemingly hopeless task God has assigned you, but you have stayed the course.

I also praise God for our one-pointed, courageous, sometimes brash and over-the-line young brother, Andrew Michel, who may be the cause of many annoying phone calls to headquarters. He also is a prophetic voice in Adventism, I believe.
We walk by faith. Amen.