John Bradshaw and the “Curse” of Abortion in the Adventist Church


World Church: Leaders Vote Remuneration and Compensation Changes


“At the 2002 Annual Council meeting, the other major yearly business session of church leaders, delegates voted that a division (region) president can be paid not more than 25 percent more than the highest paid pastor in that region. Delegates also voted to reaffirm existing policy provisions applicable to staff at the world headquarters. …”

My Comment: Since ordination is required for administrators, this means that women do not qualify for a higher salary. This means that the Adventist church discriminates on the basis of gender


Planned Parenthood Clinic Announces it Will Birth Babies in One Room and Kill Them in Another

PP Scandal

“We are dedicated to supporting the complete cycle of sexual and reproductive health and education for all Delawareans,” said PPDE President/CEO Ruth Lytle-Barnaby. “Our program now provides the full spectrum of care from preconception through pregnancy and delivery.

My Comment: This is what some Adventists Medical facilities have been doing since 1970 when the church approved elective abortions.


Jan Paulsen, Former GC President, on Women Ordination

Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It Before

The Adventist Church in North America responds to Las Vegas, Nevada, Mass Shooting


“The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America is deeply saddened and troubled by the shooting that took place early in the morning on October 2, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada, where 58 people lost their lives and more than 500 were injured. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those killed and to the hundreds of concert goers injured in this senseless shooting.

Seventh-day Adventists reject violence and we are appalled at the tragic loss of life last night in Las Vegas. …

My Comment: Yes we reject violence against those who were allowed to be born, but we say nothing about violence against the unborn, which is estimated above 2,000 every week in the U.S. alone.


Two Witnesses Video Bible Study – Revelation Chap 11.(3ABN)

George Knight Talks About Trying to Slow Ted Wilson’s Crusade

George Knight

“As Ellen White says in The Great Controversy, page 289-290 [in discussing the beginnings of the Church of England]:

“The very beginning of the great apostasy was in seeking to supplement the authority of God by that of the church. Rome began by enjoining what God had not forbidden, and she ended by forbidding what He had explicitly enjoined.” …”

My Comment: How accurate description of what our church has been doing. We forbid Women’s ordination, which is not forbidden in the Bible; but allow and participate in the abortion genocide, which is definitely forbidden in the Decalogue.


The Most Beautiful “Amazing Grace” I’ve ever heard

The Seven Trumpets of Revelation Explained Rev. 8 & 9 Part 2 Video Bible Study

Mother in Coma Heard Everything, Including How Doctors Shut Off Her Life Support and Said She’d Die


“Pellettiere-Swapp told CBS 5 that she heard everything that people around her were saying, including the plans to remove her life support. She said she remembered her niece coming into her hospital room and reading to her. She said she remembered doctors examining her and talking to her family about removing her life support. …”


Abortion in the Sabbath School lesson this week – September 2017

Uncle David’s response to Pastor Wilson’s letter being circulated on the Internet


“The members of our board are all godly men. Four are ordained ministers. Included are the retired presidents of Wildwood Sanitarium and Lifestyle Center, Eden Valley Institute, Outpost Centers International, and Laurelbrook Academy. All have for decades administered supporting ministries which work closely with the church. Just as you have to work with your board, so do I. After carefully considering the request that we close down all our medical work, orphanages, schools and media work for 10 years and agree in writing to not open any new projects without denominational permission, our board voted unanimously that we could not comply with such a request, seeing that it would violate our conscience and in addition was a direct contraction to the same Policy K05.05 #4. …”


NAD condemns silent Adventists as criminals!

Cliff’s Edge – Why Science Gets Origins So Wrong


“No wonder science gets creation wrong. It denies two crucial aspects of creation: the supernatural force behind it, and the radical physical discontinuity between original creation and what’s before us now. That’s why, for instance, science (some) argues that the universe arose fortuitously and from “nothing,” when Scripture says that God created it. Or science teaches billions of years of random mutation and natural selection, a haphazard process of fits and starts with no pre-determined purposes or goals, when Scripture teaches a purposeful, carefully orchestrated process over six days of absolute intentionality with nothing left to chance. …


Juanita du Plessis – Four days late

Hillary Clinton Abortion is ‘sacrosanct’ and non-negotiable for Democrats


“September 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Hillary Clinton calls legalized abortion-on-demand “sacrosanct” and says endorsing it should be a litmus test for Democratic Party legislators. …


Chinese gov’t bans kids from attending church services

China 2

“China’s communist authorities are cracking down on Christianity, telling more than a hundred Christian churches that children are now forbidden from attending church services and joining Christian groups.

In August over a hundred churches in Wenzhou, within the largely Christian Zhejiang province, received official “notices” that children will be banned from entering any church. …”


Ty Gibson, White Supremacy, and the Racism of Abortion

Roofing Contractor Leaves Job Half Done When He Learns the Building is an Abortion Clinic


“South Wind’s owner and administrator, Julie Burkhart, sought the services of Farha Roofing under the guise of Kellogg, LLC, while concealing the fact the building was actually an abortion facility. It was only after Farha Roofing began the job on the leaky, flat-roofed building that they found out the true nature of Burkhart’s business, thanks to Mark Gietzen and the Kansas Coalition for Life (KCFL). …”