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I will highlight some comments published by Adventist News followed by my personal reaction to them:

1. “During his presentation, Landless also displayed a chart showing that the total number of abortions performed by Adventist health care institutions during the past year.”

Notice that those statistics are limited to “the past year.” Why not showing the total number of abortions since 1970—the year Adventist embraced elective abortions? The number of victims are in the millions if we include those killed by the greatest serial killer of unborn children the church ever produced.

2. “The statistics reveal that the number is very small, almost all of them relating to dramatic fetal abnormalities which would make life outside the womb impossible.”

Can we rely on the accuracy of the medical diagnosis performed by physicians? Are they 100 percent reliable? If not, this means that in certain cases we run the risk of killing innocent unborn babies.

3. “While acknowledging that “we do not have a wonderful history in our health institutions” regarding abortion, Landless reported a dramatic decrease in abortions since the 1992 Guidelines were voted.”

This is an understatement. We abandoned the Prolife position on abortion manifested by our Adventist pioneers, profited from the killing of innocent unborn children, shared a sizable portion of ill-gotten blood money from the greatest abortionist the church did produce, and honored him at a GC World Session. Doesn’t this abhorrent behavior by our church merit a public admission of guilt followed by repentance and contrition?

4. “It should be clearly stated: the aim is to approach as close to zero abortions as is safely possible.”

This is a lofty aim, but given the strong influence of our health institutions, is this feasible? Will the Hospital Protocols being considered today accurately reflect the Biblical view of abortion?

When one of the members of the GC Executive Committee asked why abortion was not included in the Statement on Abortion, the chairman’s answer was: “Abortion is an act of violence; responding with another violent act is not Biblical.”

5. “We must, at least by the new year, start coming out with meaningful processes and protocols that will be useful to those who work at the cold face of health management.”

I hope the church will not repeat the mistake made decades ago when the leaders of the church chose healthcare professionals for the creations of the Guidelines on Abortion. This was akin to asking the tobacco industry to create the policies controlling the consumption of tobacco products.

6. “Doug Batchelor, speaker and director for Amazing Facts Ministries, an independent supporting ministry located in North America, was the first to speak in favor of the Statement.”

Pastor Doug Batchelor also stated that many prospective baptismal candidates, upon learning that the Adventist Church allows abortion, refuse to be baptized.

7. “Richard Hart, president of Loma Linda University Health, … clarified that Loma Linda does not offer elective abortions, and went on to describe several critical medical conditions where termination of pregnancy may be necessary.”

He cited one of those circumstances: trisomy cases. Isn’t an abortion due to malformation of the fetus elective? Do Down Syndrome individuals have a right to life? If yes, why do we kill them before they are born?

BTW, perhaps things have changed at LLUH, but some decades ago LLU was listed as one of the Adventist medical facilities offering elective abortions. If you need hard evidence, let me know!

8. “Jiri Moskala, dean of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, while praising the document for its respect for life, and biblical principles, also offered suggestions for improvement. “This Statement is strangely silent about the most painful issue in regards to abortion, namely rape.”

Here you go again! Is this an indication of what will be included in the Hospital Protocols being considered right now? Will the church seek to find ways to continue ignoring the Sixth Commandment of the Lord?


About adventlife

I am a second generation Adventist who joined the church by baptism almost seven decades ago when the Adventist Church was still pro-life. I have a Ph. D. Degree in religion, and my dissertation was entitled "From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventists' Attitudes Toward Abortion." I published a book with said title which is available at You need to type my name in the Search blank space to access it. I believe that the Adventist Church should get out of the abortion business, especially out of the elective type of abortions. The church did compromise on this moral issue back in 1970 and many of its hospitals were allowed to profit from the killing of innocent unborn babies with impunity. The church needs to repent of this great moral sin and publicly admit that it was wrong for the "Remnant" Church, that claims to keep God's Commandments, to profit from what the Bible and our Adventist pioneers labeled as murder. The Lord is merciful and forgiving, but public sins must be publicly repented of in order to secure God's forgiveness. P.S.: I recently published my second book dealing with abortion and the Adventist Church. The title is: “Murder in Paradise: A Serious Warning to the United States & the Adventist Church” Paperback: List Price: $22.49 $9.00 You Save: 60%

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