“According to news reports, virtually the entire city of Paradise, CA, has been destroyed. In the words of one now-former resident, the burnt-over town “looked like Iraq.” Or as a fire official said even more succinctly, Paradise, once home to 27,000 people, is now “Armageddon.” …

Alas for the greens, real people have not always cooperated with the plans the greens made for them. For instance, in California, the population of the state has doubled since 1970, from 19.9 million to 39.8 million. (During that same half-century, the population of the U.S. has increased, too, from 205 million to 326 million.)
We can all figure out what happens when the population grows; people move to settle more land. Oh sure, the additional people could live in center cities, but most people prefer, if they can, to spread out a little—and this is especially true if they have children. To most folks with families, the idea of a house with a yard is a good thing, not a bad thing. And yet those new homes and neighborhoods need protecting, too. …”


About adventlife

I am a second generation Adventist who joined the church by baptism almost seven decades ago when the Adventist Church was still pro-life. I have a Ph. D. Degree in religion, and my dissertation was entitled "From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventists' Attitudes Toward Abortion." I published a book with said title which is available at You need to type my name in the Search blank space to access it. I believe that the Adventist Church should get out of the abortion business, especially out of the elective type of abortions. The church did compromise on this moral issue back in 1970 and many of its hospitals were allowed to profit from the killing of innocent unborn babies with impunity. The church needs to repent of this great moral sin and publicly admit that it was wrong for the "Remnant" Church, that claims to keep God's Commandments, to profit from what the Bible and our Adventist pioneers labeled as murder. The Lord is merciful and forgiving, but public sins must be publicly repented of in order to secure God's forgiveness. P.S.: I recently published my second book dealing with abortion and the Adventist Church. The title is: “Murder in Paradise: A Serious Warning to the United States & the Adventist Church” Paperback: List Price: $22.49 $9.00 You Save: 60%

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