Proud and Ashamed of Being an Adventist!

I am a second generation Adventist and I must confess that I am both proud and ashamed of being an Adventist. Proud to share the Remnant last message with a perishing world, but ashamed of the fact that back in 1970 our church embraced elective abortion for the sake of cursed profit.

Sometimes I feel like Jeremiah, the crying prophet, who was proud of belonging to God’s Remnant but ashamed of the behavior of the people he loved.

New King James Version
”We are ashamed because we have heard reproach. Shame has covered our faces … “[Jer. 51:51]

You might be aware that the Lord has blessed his people with the ministry of a modern Jeremiah who has produced so far over 200 powerful Prolife videos. Here are two of them, and I would greatly encourage you to watch them:

“Mark Finley and Abortion in the Seventh-day Adventist Church”

“Shots Fired. Dean of Adventist Seminary at Andrews Condemns Abortion.”


“CALL TO PRAYER. Big Meeting Happening today!”

September 4, a very important meeting is taking place today.

Please, pray the any deceptive argument may fail as this important topic is discussed.

“Shots Fired. Dean of Adventist Seminary at Andrews Condemns Abortion.”

Jiri Moskala, the dean of Andrew University, condemned the practice of abortion.

This is contrary to the Adventist Guidelines on Abortion.

Thus Moskala has joined other respected scholars like Ron du Preez, Dr. Gane, and several others, in their opposition to abortion.

My Mother Tried to Abort Me and Threw Me in a Garbage Pit When I was Born, But I Survived


““I Am Asiimwe Ronald, a student of Law at Bishop Stuart University, pursuing Bachelor of Laws in Uganda! My Mum never wanted to give birth to me due to poverty and the influence of my father who couldn’t afford to take care of my Mum.
“They decided to abort me at 7 months, but it failed! So 9 months reached after giving birth to me they dumped me into a garbage pit for 1 day and a good samaritan who came to throw away the garbage picked me up. His wife took care of me but due to poverty I grew around the streets feeding on garbage.
“One day, a local pastor rehabilitated me because I was on drugs and I managed to change slowly, day by day, until my life was restored!


“Adventist church works to clarify its stance on abortion”

Abortion is back on the spotlight after almost 30 years of silence.

How can you clarify an official statement if you do not have an official statement?

Ted Wilson states there are exceptions that justify abortion.

Not one lay member is included in the abortion study group.

In October the General Conference Annual Council will vote on this issue.

Dr. Peter Landless awarded Gerald Winslow, the main architect of the abortion guidelines, a medal of honor for his service to the church.

If you defend the right to life of the unborn you will be ridiculed and opposed, but if you defend the right to kill the innocent unborn, you will be granted a medal of honor.

The Adventist hospitals in North America will be represented—not so those outside the American Continent. This is very unfair.

We need to pray and ask the Lord to give a victory to those who are faithful to the Bible.

A Few Questions for the Adventist Abortion Study Group

Artur Stele, the chairman of the Adventist abortion study group, was tasked with the responsibility to revise the document known as “Guidelines on Abortion” and harmonize it according to biblical principles, which is impossible to achieve! In this video I am asking four fundamental questions regarding the viability of this incredibly difficult assignment.

Bernie Sanders Backs Abortion for Population Control: Kill More Babies to Combat Climate Change

“2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he supports abortion, in part, as a way to curb human population in light of climate change.”


Example Conversation: How Adventist church leaders talk about Abortion

Adventist leaders usually use diversionary tactics to avoid direct questions regarding the biblical authority for the intentional killing of the unborn.

They may suggest that a prolifer contact hospital administrators.

The way to respond is: “It is the church who adopted the guidelines on abortion. You represent the church, and I need and answer from the church.”

If they say, I am also Prolife, ask them why?

Insist on a biblical authority to intentionally kill the unborn.

Vaccines: Is the Adventist Church wrong? Aborted Babies in Vaccines?

Vaccines contain diploid cells from aborted babies.

The church encourages vaccination and have no problem against said practice.

This means that our health is dependent on the killing of unborn babies.

This insertions of DNA fragments causes mutations in the human DNA.

This has moral implications for Adventists.

“Adventist Church Seeks To Refine Its Position On Abortion”

General Conference


Kneel and bow to the Americans

Adventist hospitals in North America represent only 40 percent of the total Adventist hospitals in the world.

Nevertheless, they comprise 100 percent of the participants in the abortion study group.

The original draft will be originated by the 26 members from North America.

“Adventist News Network: The Adventist Church is Reviewing its position on Abortion”

General Conference


Next 30 days! Exciting updates: ANN article and Ritsema’s video

These are great news for Adventists who believe that human life is sacred.

“Abortion: Are Seventh-day Adventists Prolife?”

A Few Questions for the Adventist Abortion Study

Artur Stele, whose responsibility is to revise the document known as “Guidelines on Abortion,” and harmonize it according to biblical principles, which is impossible to achieve! In this video I am asking four fundamental questions regarding the viability of this incredibly difficult assignment.

Breaking News: The Adventist Church is Restudying the Abortion Issue

General Conference

Have you heard the incredible news? The Adventist Church has decided to realign its position on abortion. The alleged goal is to align its teaching with the Word of God. And this earthshaking event is all over the Adventist news media:

“Adventist News Network: The Adventist Church is Reviewing its position on Abortion”

“Adventist Church Works to Clarify its Stance on Abortion”

“Adventist Church Seeks To Refine Its Position On Abortion”

If the motivation is sincere, we need to praise the Lord; but in the event it is not, it will yield meaningless window dressing. There is no way to sanitize the document known as “Guidelines on Abortion.” It must be replaced with a prolife statement with a single exception: to save the pregnant woman’s life. Nothing else will solve the moral problem.

I encourage you to read those reports and the readers’ comments listed at the bottom. BTW, if you can spare the time, watch the following video:

“Abortion: Are Seventh-day Adventists Prolife?”

Jumping From a Tall Dubai building

HopeLives365 says “the Adventist church does NOT support abortion”

The church teachings contradict the denial a woman received from HopeLives365.

The church honored Dr. Edward Allred, who killed over 250,000 unborn children, for his philanthropic donations to church institutions.

Pastor Finley offers answers to doctrinal questions from the Bible. Where is the Bible verse justifying the killing of unborn children?

The Reborn and Unborn by Drs. John & Millie Youngberg [Book Review]

The Youngbergs were critical of the Adventist position on abortion.

Jesus could have entered the human race at birth, but He chose to do it at conception.

The last chapter of the book was authored by Flowers, who was recognized by Gerald Winslow for their service to the church.

Flowers views contrasted with that of the Youngbers’s.

Adventists make Três Rios residents aware of effects of child sexual violence


Brasil 2“The Breaking the Silence campaign, organized by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South America, took place in the community of Três Rios, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 4th.

This year’s goal is to show people how to protect children from child sexual violence and what to do to help victims recover. …”

My Comment: How about protecting unborn children from abortion from which there is no hope of “recovery”?