Adventist Church hosts abortion debate between Adventists and Evangelicals


Saint Saenz Piano Concerto # 2 by George Li

Fifteen Church Members Die in Rwandan Church after Being Struck by Lightning


“Lighting struck a Rwandan church on March 10, killing 15 members. More than 130 others attending divine services at the Gihemvu Seventh-day Adventist Church were taken to an area hospital and other health centers. Some of those treated have since been released. …”


Unborn babies need nuts! — Adventist Review [Abortion Series]

Is it a choice? Video by Pastor Roy Farr

I suggest that you watch this video from beginning till the end. It is one of the most powerful prolife videos I have ever watched.

You might be interested to know that Pastor Roy was allegedly disfellowshiped from the Adventist church for preaching the three angel message of the book of Revelation without a special permission from the church.

He is the founder of the “3 Angels Gospel Ministries,” an independent self supporting Christian organization.


Richard Dawkins Wants to Eat Human “Meat” to “Overcome Our Taboo Against Cannibalism”

Description=Richard Dawkins Photograph: Jeremy Young 05-12-2006

“No, he doesn’t want to join the Donner Party. Researchers may soon be able to manufacture meat from cell lines in the lab, and Dawkins has suggested in a tweet that we could “overcome our taboo” by eating human flesh so manufactured. …

Cannibalism is profoundly immoral in Western culture — absent absolute necessity, such as when members of the Donner Party consumed their already deceased co-travelers to stay alive — because it denies human exceptionalism and the unique dignity and meaning of human life. …”


Death Penalty for not Blowing the Trumpet in Zion? By Nic Samojluk


A Lesson for our Adventist Family

I believe that there is a serious warning contained in the experience of Prophet Ezekiel for our Adventist evangelists, our Adventist leaders, and even our Adventist lay members as well.

The Lord warned Ezekiel that he had been assigned the role of spiritual watchmen for the people of Israel. His duty was similar to the duty of the sentry guarding the safety of a city. Those watchmen were expected to stay awake at night while the rest of the city dwellers were asleep and were ordered to sound the trumpet at the sight of approaching danger. …


Answered prayer in Botswana



“One of our mission team leaders, Freddy Fuentes, witnessed the impact of prayer when he led a group of college students on a mission trip to Botswana. Some of the team members came to him and pointed out that the locals did not have enough water in their village. The students couldn’t understand why they were spending their time preaching when the people had a more urgent need. …

But they prayed anyway and the next day, to their surprise, there was a flood in a nearby pond. The locals said they had never seen anything like it in many years–the water overflowed! The team was amazed at what God did to provide for His people.

At the end of their evangelistic meetings, when it came time for the appeal, the student speaker made an altar call. Can you believe that 500 people made decisions and got baptized, doubling the church membership of that conference? …”


The TWO problems of abortion in the Seventh-day Adventist church

I want to highlight the following from this video:

2:20 Even if Adventists had never performed any abortion, the moral problem would still exists, because we justify the murder of the unborn.

Oregon Legislature Passes Bill to Allow Starving Mentally Ill Patients to Death


“Apparently assisted suicide is not enough for the death peddlers in this Pacific Northwest State. Now they are pushing legislation in the Oregon State Legislature that would allow starving mentally ill patients to death.

And the legislature just signed off on it. Today House Bill 4135 passed the Oregon Senate 17-12. While the stated intent of the bill’s authors was to update the advance directive, it also paves the way for healthcare representatives to remove access to food and water for vulnerable Oregonians with dementia and Alzheimer’s. …”


My February letter to the GC & NAD: Religious Liberty and Abortion

Below I highlighted a couple of observations related to the video listed above.

1:10 Religious liberty is a matter of worship, then how can religious liberty be used to justify abortion?

1:40 In Jeremiah 19:4-5 we find that the destruction of children never came to the Lord’s mind. If that is the case, then from whose mind did this idea come from?

Martin Luther King’s Last Speech: “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop”

How Near is the End? by Mark Finley

I Surrender All – Jaime Jorge

Two-time Olympian Miki Ando: ‘I have chosen the baby’s life over skating’


““Japanese news sites report that abortion was a consideration for Miki, who was already preparing for a third Olympics – the 2014 Games in Sochi. But Miki could not bring herself to take her daughter’s life, not for figure skating and not for her reputation. Once her pregnancy became known, the skater was reprimanded by the public and derided as a bad example. Miki says, “Honestly, 98 percent of the people said it was so bad.” …”


DAY 6: 14,000 saved!!!

“Jesus Loves Me” by Listener Kids

The Mark of the Beast, the Mysterious Number 666 and Last Day Predictions

70-year-old man first to be arrested under Ontario’s new ban on pro-life speech


“He was arrested again February 9, carrying a sign stating: “God save our Charter rights” and charged with three offenses under Bill 163.
On that occasion, “all I did was walk around the block,” Winter told the Catholic Register. “I didn’t say anything to anyone. There was no abortion talk. No praying outside the clinic. The clinic called the cops.” …”


Archaeologists find seal of prophet Isaiah in Jerusalem


“Israeli archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar uncovered a clay seal bearing the name of Isaiah the Prophet in excavations south of the Temple Mount. The name, which is missing one letter, was located in the same dig where a seal of King Hezekiah, a contemporary of Isaiah, was also found. …”