Amazing video: Ted Cruz demolishes Sierra Club president on Climate Change

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Issues Statement on Umpqua Shooting

Umpqua Shooting
“It is difficult to believe that a great nation like the United States must once again mourn the loss of God’s children whose lives have been senselessly taken at the hands of a mass shooting. Surely, this nation, that has become a beacon of hope and opportunity for scores of people, can be a land where all feel safe from the violence of firearms. …”

My comment: I commend Daniel R. Jackson for the above quoted statement; nevertheless, I wonder about the thousands of violent acts committed inside abortion clinics, many of them owned by Adventists, yet our church has chosen to remain silent concerning the abortion genocide. Are not the unborn God’s children as well?


Adventist Mother Among Those Slain in U.S. College Shooting

“Sarena Moore, 44, a college student and member of the Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist Church, died along with at least eight other people in the attack by a lone gunman on Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, on Thursday. …

“She was known as a strong firm believer in prayer,” he said. “She often asked for prayer and prayed for others herself. Though she didn’t have many possessions, she had a big heart and would try to help those less fortunate than herself.” …”


SDA Church Disfellowships Paul Miller And BBN For Truth And Threatens Others! Who Is Next?

Top 12 Health Dangers of Tattoos You Should Know

“Tattoos are increasingly becoming popular, but they can pose major and serious health risks than you have ever thought. While the process of getting a tattoo is simple, you should carefully think about the health effects of the permanent body art before considering having one. …

Before you decide to have a tattoo, it is important to find out all the health dangers they can pose and how well you can cope with them. Skin infections, contagious conditions and irreversible changes on your skin among others all come with tattoos. While tattoos can be fun and exciting, they can make your life miserable in the future. …


A Proposed Letter of Apology to Pope Francis from the GC President

Pope Fraincis
“That book is entitled The Great Controversy. That volume was written in the 19th century at a time in the history of the United Sites when the relationship between Protestant and Catholic Christians was much less than ideal. Unfortunately, that book reflected various very regrettable negative aspects of that relationship. A predecessor of mine has noted that the anti-Catholic views that this book endorses have been “relegated to the ash heap of history” by current Adventist leaders and lay persons. …”


“American pro-life activist Troy Newman is on the board of directors of the Center for Medical Progress, which is responsible for the series of 10 videos showing the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling aborted babies and their body parts. This week, he was slated to head to Australia for a pro-life speaking tour at the invitation of a local pro-life group, but the Australian government is not allowing him to remain in the country. …

According to the pro-life group Operation Rescue, which Newman heads, the Australian government is relying on false allegations that Newman supports killing abortion practitioners as its reason for now allowing him to remain there for his speaking tour. Due to viciously false accusations brought by Australian pro-abortion activists and news media, Newman found out that his visa was revoked by the Australian government. …”


The Sunday Law Crisis – Program 1: Revelation 13 Explained

ACLU Files Lawsuit to Force Catholic Hospitals to Do Abortions

“Yesterday, the American Civil Liberties Union sued Trinity Health Corporation for refusing to perform abortions on women whose unborn babies were supposedly near death. …

Sarah Prager, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Washington, said the condition almost always results in fetal death. …”

My comment: Are doctors required to kill patients who are near death? Is? killing an integral function of healing


Revelation 13 and the Papacy – Jon Paulien

God’s Nature

Pope’s Universal Solutions For World Problems, Sunday Mass And Eucharist! Death If You Refuse!

Pope has chance to reclaim ‘moral authority’ in visit

““There is a real opportunity for the Catholic Church here in America to reclaim a level of moral authority that’s been lost in the popular mind over the last 10 to 15 years ,,,”


Mammosham: Watch the viral video exposing Planned Parenthood’s false mammogram claims

Mammograms 2
“Richards previously stated that a vital service the group provides to women is mammograms, a falsehood that Live Action exposed years ago. The myth, spearheaded by Ms. Richards, has been told again and again by Planned Parenthood’s supporters—even by President Obama.

This claim, however, has never been corrected by the abortion giant. During Richards’ congressional testimony, she was forced to admit that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammogram services, but she also claimed that she never made the statement. …”


Neighbors on the Blue Marble

“Knowing we have “company” may appear to be a great thing, but we can’t even get along with our fellow tellurians. As I look at the ways in which we relate to one another–the mistreatment of Syrian refugees, the despising of immigrants to America, racism, xenophobia, the conflicts over borders and land, etc–I wonder why we would even bother trying to get to know extraterrestrials. Do we honestly believe that we would get along with them better than we get along with each other? Would we expect relationships to be peaceful when we can’t even have peace among our own species? …”


Pope Francis In America: Through the Lens of Bible Prophecy

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

Chilling Netanyahu Glares at UN Delegates for 45 Seconds for Their ‘Deafening Silence’ on Iran Deal

Top US pro-life leader Newman detained in Australia for deportation

“Bernie Finn, a Victorian MP and organizer for March For The Babies, condemned the decision to withdraw the visa, saying: “I’m starting to think Canberra has gone mad. Troy Newman poses no threat to anyone in Australia. I have the highest regard for (Immigration minister) Peter Dutton but on this call is very, very wrong. It is, at best, a full frontal attack on freedom of speech. It’s a mighty sad day when wanting to protect babies disqualifies someone from entry to Australia.” …

Victor Borge Clair de Lune