The Silent Scream

Canadian nurse forced out for refusing to participate in euthanasia


““Can you imagine being a nurse and being told that you have to help kill someone? That’s so against the philosophy of nursing and it’s so against the heart of the healthcare person,” she told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview.

“We’re not soldiers. We did not sign up to kill people. We are compassionate,” she said.  ,,,”


Former Planned Parenthood manager admits ‘only abortion’ is offered

Adventist Hospital in the US Will Close Next Month

walla 4

“A last-resort plan to save a Seventh-day Adventist hospital in the US State of Washington has failed, and the hospital is instead expected to close its doors next month. The plan tried to find a way of transferring control of Walla Walla General Hospital’s services to Providence Health & Services. The initiative, however, was halted after Adventist Health, which manages 20 Adventist hospitals in the US West Coast region, including Walla Walla, received word that unexpected regulatory challenges have arisen which could linger for an undetermined duration of time. …”


Adventists Respond to London Building Fire


“However, the stories coming out from those displaced were harrowing. One lady, five months pregnant, stood staring at the smoking building wondering if her mother had made it out. “I just came back from holiday this morning, and I came straight here,” she said. “The last time I spoke to my mother was 11:30 pm last night. Since then I can’t get through on her phone.”

Another middle-aged man shook his head in disbelief, “I can’t believe it,” he said. “My family lived up on the 21st floor, I have checked all the hospitals nearby, and no one knows where they are.” ,,,”


A $100,000 Challenge by a Pro-lifer

Guy Calling Himself a Girl Easily Wins Female Track Championship


“Oh, and you definitely should be, because, after all, you are whatever you say you are in this Brave New America. And if you say you’re a girl, why, then who are we to say otherwise? We can’t wait for you to give a speech at graduation, patting yourself on the back for making it all the way through high school without getting pregnant. That’ll be a lesson for all those slutty girls who couldn’t manage to do the same. …


Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security

The Eleventh –ism Begins with the Letter T [Transgenderism]

Eleventh -ism by Sigve Tonstad

“According to my memory, the surgeons on the case included Loma Linda University brand names, past and future. I remember the surgeons, but my picture of them is less clear than my picture of the patient. Concern regarding the identity of the surgeons is therefore a moot point. The patient was a woman undergoing sex-change surgery. The main challenge, clearly, and one that exercised the surgeons visibly and verbally, was how to construct a penis from the limited material available. A piece of muscle had been prepared for that part and was being fashioned into what in the days and years ahead was meant to become a male person with a penis. …”


Have Adventists Moved Out of the Abortion Business?

Abortion 4

In the last couple of decades I have provided ample evidence that the Adventist Church is still behind the abortion of innocent unborn children. Unfortunately, many among us are not convinced. Most of these doubters rely on an assertion made by Pastor Ted Wilson, the president of the General Conference, back on February 2011 in the City of Redlands. This is why I would like to start by analyzing his statement on said occasion.

Ted Wilson’s “Down to almost zero” statement

Ted Wilson in RedlandsHere is a paragraph from Spectrum’s report of what Wilson said on said occasion. This statement of his was in response to a question I publicly asked. Following the meeting, several individuals lined up for a chance to talk to the president. I was one of them, and you can see me waiting for my turn. I am the person standing next to him on his right side. …”


Christian School Punishes Student Who Got Pregnant and Rejected Abortion


“The young woman told Breitbart: “My main mission through all this is that Christians claim to be pro-life, but when a girl chooses to keep her baby they still don’t want anything to do with it. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of being pro-life, and says to girls, ‘Maybe you should have gotten the abortion because we could forgive you for that.’” …


Amazing Dog Tricks

Love God Forever Praise and Worship “God’s True Love”

Ontario doctors will leave the province if forced to participate in “assisted dying.”

Conscience rights press conference

“Many Ontario doctors and nurses working in palliative care say their objection to playing a role in assisted suicides may force them to leave the medical profession.

Many physicians “don’t want to make a referral that would result in the death of a patient,”

Dr. Kulvinder Gill said, adding forcing medical workers to participate strips them of their conscience rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. “Access (to assist dying) must not depend on a physician having a role.” …”


A New Pro-life Voice in Adventism

Trumpet 3

“You might be aware that there is a new pro-life voice in Adventism—a powerful voice reminiscent of the voice of the Old Testament prophets and the reformers of the past—calling Adventists to prayer, fasting, repentance and reformation before the great Day of the Lord

This voice was not born in academia, but rather in a U.S. jail cell thanks to amazing transforming power of the Holy Spirit. If you have any doubts of what I am saying, please take the time to watch the following video in which the author–Andrew Michell–a convert of the ministry of Doug Batchelor, tells the incredible and miraculous story of his conversion as the result of reading the Bible for the first time in his life while incarcerated in a solitary cell in a U.S. prison. …


Secret History: How Adventists Ended the Civil War

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“With President Lincoln’s call for 300,000 more soldiers the Adventist church faced certain extinction. Uriah Smith would describe the situation “…The mind of the nation is so absorbed in this dreadful contest that it is almost impossible to call attention to religious subjects…” and with an additional draft of soldiers  “The cause would be crushed. We are thus brought, as it plainly appears to us, to a place where if the war continues, we must stop. We repeat it, The war must stop, or our work in spreading the truth, must stop.”

During this time of great pain and desperation Adventists were forced to stop and adopt a different strategy: they would fast and pray. …”


“Floating Church” Boat Debuts on the Amazon


“A specially-designed boat that operates as a “floating church” has now begun sailing up and down the Amazon River, offering hope and healing along the coastal towns in northern Brazil. The “Hope of the Amazon” boat, which includes quarters for a pastoral family and a 100-seat auditorium, began its first trip down the 4,000-mile (6,400-kilometer) river on April 27. …


Papacy in Control of Adventist Health Walla Walla. Loma Linda Catholic Gay Play. SDA Ecumenical


My Comment: Towards the end of the video, there is a section dealing with abortion and the Adventist church. It starts at 1:00:08 and ends at 1:12:44. The first quote is from an article I published some time ago which Pastor Andrew Henriques cites without acknowledging the source. You can verify this by clicking on the following Internet link:

“If we are the “People of the Book,” Why can’t we get an Answer from the Book”


Woman laughs before her ninth abortion – then she sees her aborted baby


““Thanks,” she said, her trademark smile still fixed on her face. When her eyes traveled to the container, she gasped sharply, and for the first time since she had arrived, Angie was utterly silent. A few moments later her entire body shuddered and gooseflesh was raised on her smooth brown arms. …

“Thanks,” she said, her trademark smile still fixed on her face. When her eyes traveled to the container, she gasped sharply, and for the first time since she had arrived, Angie was utterly silent. A few moments later her entire body shuddered and gooseflesh was raised on her smooth brown arms. …

“From then on, the abortion facility had a strict rule never to show the aborted babies to women. Ultimately, another scene like Angie’s would slow down abortion facility operations and affect the facility’s profits. More women would learn about fetal development, and there would be a decrease in the number of abortions. In order to keep everything running smoothly, quickly, and profitably, the facility banned all women from seeing their aborted babies. …”


Member Swims Out of Church to Rescue Trapped Neighbors

Flood 2

“When flash-flood waters rushed into Owen Taylor’s church, the Palmetto Gardens Seventh-day Adventist Church in Clarendon, Jamaica, he took swift action. He swam through the rising waters to the home next door, where Henry Blair and his adult son were trapped. …