Chances are your teen is looking at porn.

“I live in a quiet subdivision in rural Ontario. I mean very quiet—all summer long, I rarely saw any kids outside biking or playing street hockey or running flimsy lemonade stands or just roughhousing around outside. Then, the day school started, I was shocked when I left my house in the morning and I saw kids everywhere, backpacks in tow, heading to bus stops and walking to the nearby school. This many kids live in my neighborhood? I thought to myself. Where were they all summer? …”


Mormon Tabernacle Choir – Battle Hymn of the Republic -

Brutal female police enforce ISIS sharia vision on women of caliphate

“Known as the Al-Khansa brigade, the group consists of about 60 armed women between the ages of 18 and 24 who patrol the Islamic State’s Syrian stronghold. Their job, which they are said to perform with cruel relish, is to arrest and beat women who commit such transgressions as allowing ankles or wrists to show or being seen without a male chaperone. …”


Mother in Coma Heard Everything, Was Scared They’d Turn Off Her Life Support

“Kate Allat suffered a stroke at the age of 39 and the mother spent 10 days in a coma afterwards. Now that she is past that frightful ordeal, Allat reveals in a new interview that she heard everything going on around her in her hospital room and she was fearful her life support would be turned off. …”


Paralyzed Man Walks Again After Nose Cells Placed in Spine

“A man paralyzed from the chest down in a knife attack is walking again after undergoing surgery using cells from his own nose, marking a breakthrough in the search for treatments for severe spinal injuries. …”


Scientists: Ebola Can Spread by Air in Cold Weather

Ebola 5
“After successfully exposing monkeys to airborne Ebola, which “caused a rapidly fatal disease in 4-5 days,” scientists with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) concluded Ebola can spread through air but likely hasn’t in Equatorial Africa because the region is too warm, with temperatures rarely dropping below 65°F. …”


Rev. Billy Graham: ‘America is just as wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah’

““Even though America is just as wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah ever were, and as deserving of the judgment of God, God would spare us if we were earnestly praying, with hearts that had been cleansed and washed by the blood of Christ,” said Graham in a commentary published in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Decision magazine. …


City Threatens to Arrest Ministers Who Refuse to Perform Same-Sex Weddings

Same-sex Marriage 2
“Two Christian ministers who own an Idaho wedding chapel were told they had to either perform same-sex weddings or face jail time and up to a $1,000 fine, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court. …”


Former abortionist reveals the two ways women react after an abortion

“[T]here are two reactions in the recovery room. The first one is: I’ve killed my baby. And even then, it amazed me that that was the first time they called it a baby and the first time they called it murder. But, you know, as bad as that sounds, that’s probably the healthiest reaction. That woman is probably going to have the ability to walk out of there and deal with it, and perhaps be healed and go on. …”


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France lets anti-Christian protesters off easy, jails anti-Islamic offenders

“Furthermore, equal protection should be provided to all religious institutions, Christian or Islamic. …

“If you attack Christianity, it’s free expression,” he said. “If you attack Islamism, it’s Islamophobia.” …”


Doctrinal Changes Voted by GC Annual Council

Creation 2
“After considerable debate, a majority vote of the governing body of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination adopted recommendations to change the wording of key doctrines. The language of paragraph 6 on the doctrine of creation was adjusted to emphasize that creation was a “recent” event that took place during “six literal days.” But, the changes in the denomination’s Statement of Fundamental Beliefs do not become official unless they are voted by the delegates to the General Conference (GC) Session next summer. …”


Carson Presidential Run Imminent; Adventist Hospitals in W. Africa Closed

“Adventist neurosurgeon turned political figure Dr. Benjamin Carson now places second in an Iowa straw poll behind 2012 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Carson has taken the first steps to running for president of the United States. via The Washington Post.


Answered Prayer: 200 Nigerian Schoolgirls ‘to Be Freed’

Nigeria Kidnapping 2
“Islamist militants in Nigeria have agreed to free the more than 200 Christian schoolgirls held captive since April, … The Nigerian military announced Friday that a truce has been reached with Boko Haram militants to end fighting that has killed about 2,000 people since 2009. It said the agreement included the release of the schoolgirls in the next few days. … The authorities have not specified the faiths of the girls, but there are no Adventists among them. …”

More: http://www.adventistreview.or g/church-news/answer-to-prayer-nigeria-says-200-nigerian-schoolgirls-will-be-freed

Wait Until You Read This Woman’s Beautiful Answer to “Why are You STILL a Virgin?”

“For example, abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent STD’s and unplanned pregnancy. And abstinence promotes a culture of life because it prevents unplanned pregnancy, which ultimately prevents abortions. As LifeNews previously reported, only 6.2 percent of girls that delay sexual intercourse until they are 20 years of age or older will have an abortion in their lifetimes. Contrastingly, 37.9 percent of women who are sexually active at age 14 will have one or more abortions in their lifetimes. Additionally, abstinence protects women and men from a world that loves scandals, promiscuity, and “quickies.” …”