Texas Judge Strikes Down Pro-Life Law That Closed Abortion Clinics

Texas Pro-life
“A Texas judge has blocked a pro-life law credited with closing multiple abortion clinics and cutting abortions 13 percent, saving an estimated 9,900 babies from abortion.

The legislation, House Bill 2 (HB2), requires abortion facilities to meet the same safety standards of other Ambulatory Surgical Centers in the state, ensures that abortionists have admitting privileges at a local hospital, and bans painful late abortions on fully formed babies. …”

More: http://www.lifenews.com/2014/08/29/texas-judge-blocks-texas-pro-life-law-that-closed-abortion-clinics-cut-abortions-13/

Higher Ground

Largest Size Aquarium

“The main tank called the ‘Kuroshio Sea’ is the second largest aquarium tank in the world. It holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world’s second largest acrylic glass panel (8.2 by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60 cm). Whale sharks and manta rays are kept amongst many other fish species in the main tank. Wiki Filmed using a Canon 5D MKII SLR with a 28-135mm lens. Music: “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona. “

More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AJtHg9FbLUA

Diane Wagner breaks SDA silence on abortion at ASI

Last evening I watched the airing of 3ABN’s interview of Diane Wagner and Antoinette Duck, the founder of Mafgia ministries. I agree with Diane that it is high time for Adventists to break its silence on abortion and to do away with its “Guidelines on Abortion,” a document designed to neutralize God’s prohibition contained in the Sixth Commandment of the Decalogue. I can’t understand how Adventist leaders dared to nullify the four words the Lord spoke—You shall not murder—with 1314 words of human design and tradition.

Mt. Vesuvius Volcano Explosion

Iron Dome Intercepts Fifteen Rockets at Once

“If the Iron Dome didn’t exist, those 15 rockets would have each hit a populated area of Israel, potentially killing dozens of civilians. Hamas’ charter explicitly states that they seek to “obliterate” Israel, and they have extensively used women and children as human shields. …”


Reveton Ransomware Adds Powerful Password Stealer

“The Avast Blog reports a new “password stealer” feature in the Reveton ransomware. Reveton is the type of “police” lock/screen ransomware which falsely alerts users they’ve broken some law and demands payment of a fine, usually in Bitcoin or MoneyPak. …”

More: http://blog.knowbe4.com/bid/394854/Reveton-Ransomware-Adds-Powerful-Password-Stealer

Would Hiring More Black Cops Solve the Ferguson Problem?

Black cops 2
“In a massive, detailed 2000 study of the effect of court-ordered affirmative action plans on police departments, economist John Lott found that the more minorities on a police force, the higher the rates of murder, manslaughter, violent crime, robbery and aggravated assault will be. Violent crime increased by a minimum of 3.3 percent every year after affirmative action policies went into effect — and the spike in crime was highest in black neighborhoods. …

We end up with cops who are criminals, the Rampart scandal of the 1990s and great movies like “Training Day.” About a decade into a federal consent decree requiring the Los Angeles Police Department to hire more minority officers, the LAPD’S Rampart division was employing gang members in uniforms.…”

More: http://townhall.com/columnists/anncoulter/2014/08/27/would-n1884157?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl

Volcano Eruption – The Eruption of Mt St Helens (1980)

Tavenner to Subordinate: ‘Please Delete’ HealthCare.gov E-mails with White House

“During the first week of HealthCare.gov’s troubled launch, Marilyn Tavenner, the chief of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told an agency spokesperson to delete an e-mail exchange with the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services, according to new records released by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. …the federal criminal code states that anyone who “willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys” public records can face up to three years in prison. …”


Alfred Kinsey was a pervert and a sex criminal

“He is known as “The Father of the Sexual Revolution,” and if you’ve ever taken a university course on 20th century history, you’ll have heard his name: Alfred Kinsey.
Kinsey was not only the “father” of the Sexual Revolution, he set the stage for the massive social and cultural upheaval of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s with his 1948 Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and his 1953 Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. …

The man heralded with enthusiasm by mainstream publications such as Time and Life Magazine was nothing less than a monstrous facilitator of child-rape. …Got that? The Father of the Sexual Revolution was a sado-masochistic bi-sexual sex criminal who facilitated the sexual torture of infants and children. …

More: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/alfred-kinsey-was-a-pervert-and-a-sex-criminal?utm_source=LifeSiteNews.com+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=9587b6b55e-LifeSiteNews_com_US_Headlines_06_19_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0caba610ac-9587b6b55e-397582101

She Was Dragged Out of Her Home in the Middle of the Night and Forced to Abort at Six Months

Forced to abort
“At 4 a.m. in the morning last summer, 20 officials from the Shandong Province Family Planning Commission forced their way into the home of Zhou Guoqiang and his wife. The officials kicked down the door of the family’s home. Mr Zhou was held down while his wife was pulled from her bed and taken away. …

“The mayhem caused by China’s One Child Policy continues unabated and has taken some troubling new twists, with people being driven to mental breakdown, murder and suicide, as well as an obstetrician using her position of trust in order to traffic babies. The minor modification of the Policy that took place on January 1 of this year has failed to solve these problems. The One Child Policy does not need to be modified. It needs to be abolished.” …”


No Religious Freedom nor Freedom of Conscience for Catholic Nuns

Catholic Nuns 2
“Rather than protecting the religious freedom and deeply held beliefs of nuns, monks, Christian colleges and charities, today’s announcement just establishes another bogus procedure designed to force people of faith to violate their religious beliefs or face devastating fines of as much as $36,500 per year, per employee,” Smith said. …”

More: http://www.lifenews.com/2014/08/25/pro-lifers-attack-massive-fines-obama-wants-on-catholic-nuns-who-oppose-hhs-mandate/

Open My Eyes, That I May See –Hayes Barton Baptist Worship

How You Can Beat the Evil Food Industry